Hot Pot Christmas Edition

Hot Pot Christmas Edition
October 15th, 2021

The inaugural Hot Pot tournament was a smashing hit and will return for the Christmas holidays. Organized in Hong Kong by Powerplay Sports & Entertainment, the event will once again be hosted at the new DB Ice Rink.

Teams will be drafted to ensure balance and competitive games. And the best part is that all players will be able to keep their cool jerseys!

U7 - (2015/2016)
December 27-28

U9 - (2013/2014)
December 27-28

U11 - (2011/2012)
December 28-29

U13 - (2019/2010)
December 29-30

•Minimum 3 teams in each division (4 teams in U7).

•Up to 12 players plus a goalie.

•Players are required to play in their own age group unless
authorized by the Tournament Director.

•Final schedule will be released prior to the start of the

For complete tournament details - please visit: